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Infervision’s AI provides triage in the fight against the coronavirus

Analyst speaks with Dr. Matt Deng, Chief Scientist and Director of Infervision North America, about the company’s targeted AI which has already been used in 10,000 coronavirus cases.

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How Brexit will affect the UK healthcare market in 2020

The Healthcare Technology team at Omdia discusses what has happened over the last few years and what is likely to occur in the next few years.

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Healthcare (technology) is on the 2020 presidential ballot

The world’s largest healthcare technology market is at stake from potential changes to US healthcare policy.

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Caption Guidance gains FDA approval: AI addresses the heart of the ultrasound issue

Caption Guidance joins several other vendors that have applied AI technology to cardiovascular ultrasound in recent years.

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How can the latest breakthroughs in medical imaging assist in diagnosis of the coronavirus epidemic?

Alongside laboratory testing, one of the key tools used to identify prevalence of the deadly 2019 human coronavirus include radiography and computed tomography (CT) imaging.

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AI for medical diagnostics infographic

A taxonomy of the ecosystem supporting machine learning with diagnostic applications and highlights machines that now have regulatory approval.

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