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November 2019

5G economy to generate $13.2 trillion in sales enablement by 2035

A new report, The 5G economy: How 5G will contribute to the global economy, offers an independent assessment of the importance of 5G technology to the global economy through 2035, examining use cases, ecosystem development, and implications for key industries.

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New vulnerability database tracks 12 vendors and 2,000+ vulnerabilities

Our Public Cybersecurity Vulnerability Market white paper provides a summary of the overall vulnerability market and includes findings from our comprehensive analysis of organizations that disclose information security vulnerabilities.

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Demand for wireless mesh networks in homes remains strong

With approximately 1.2 billion connected home devices worldwide expected by 2023, wireless mesh networks will become increasingly important as integral components of whole-home Wi-Fi solutions.

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Connectivity management platforms market: At a glance

The connectivity management platforms (CMP) market is the most mature IoT platform market segment and the most consolidated, with the top 10 MNOs representing 87% of global cellular IoT connections.

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Survey findings: IoT Security Strategies and Vendor Leadership

When it comes to IoT cybersecurity, the challenges are as diverse as the connected devices themselves. In order to better understand how modern enterprise is responding to these challenges, we conducted a survey to give vendors a voice to share their concerns and experiences.

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BlackHat 2019: Our insights

While not traditionally a primary focal point for discussions at Black Hat, the IoT has begun to make inroads at the conference. As new devices are introduced at a staggering pace, they become common targets for hackers to seek ways with which to compromise them.

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Industrial IoT Intelligence Service

Recently expanded, this intelligence service provides a thorough assessment of the state of the IIoT market, examining where the industry is on the road to IIoT, the impact on the value chain, use case evolution and monetization, and user readiness across key use cases.

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