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November 2019

Not so fast, Industrial IoT

Alex West, senior principal analyst of industrial IoT discusses key IIoT trends, challenges and opportunities in a series of videos.

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Has the time finally arrived for IIoT—and other questions answered

Today, more than a billion IIoT devices can be found throughout the factory floors of the world. But despite the proliferation of IIoT devices, a key factor has slowed the deployment of IIoT solutions.

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Industrial IoT: leaders and laggards

As in any field, there are leaders and laggards when it comes to the global implementation of IIoT solutions.


5G and IIoT: Why, where, and when?

As the fifth-generation wireless standard bringing faster speed, lower latency, and greater connectivity, 5G holds the key to super-charging the IIoT.

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Machine vision ubiquitous in factory automation

Machine vision in the last decade has made significant advancements, its utilization now more widespread throughout a multitude of industries.

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Artificial intelligence brought to engineering design

Enabled by the convergence of High Power Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative Design (GD) can dramatically shorten the product design process by reducing the number of iterations needed.

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IIoT: The current state of industrial connectivity and new technologies

Three major industrial network technologies are in place today: industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus, and wireless.

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Digital Innovations in Manufacturing Report

Survey results and analysis on the use and adoption of digital solutions such as IIoT, AI, blockchain and cloud computing.

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Discrete Industrial Sensors Report

Detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the discrete sensors market covering over 14 sensor types.

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Machine Vision in Factory Automation - 2019

In-depth review of the world market for machine vision hardware, software and services, designed for use in industrial manufacturing and other relevant markets.

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Transformative Tech - Automotive Manufacturing

Provides results and analysis of a collaborative IHS Markit survey on the topic of the adoption of transformative technologies in automotive manufacturing.

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Industrial IoT Intelligence Service

The newly expanded service provides in-depth data and analysis of industrial IoT trends, adoption, challenges, supply chain developments and the dynamic competitive landscape.

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