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September 2019

Breathing new life into cellular IoT with 5G

Christian Kim, senior analyst of cellular IoT at IHS Markit, discusses the increased push for “cellular vehicle to everything” connectivity in the automotive industry, 5G IoT use cases, and the differences between the United States and China when it comes to the number and origin of cellular IoT connections.

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Smart city projects can draw from various types of investments and funding strategies

No clearly defined, universally accepted standards or business models currently exist for smart city projects. But critical to the success of any smart city initiative are two vital components: the appropriate type of investment, and a viable strategy for funding.

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IoT connectivity management platform vendors enjoy a growing market, but with a challenging competitive environment

The merchant CMP market grew explosively in 2018—to 684 million connections under management at year-end 2018—and shifted to an environment in which CMP vendors will have to displace other vendors to increase market share.

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Cellular IoT gateways: key findings from our 2019 report

IHS Markit estimates that 3.4 million cellular IoT gateways shipped in 2018. Sierra Wireless remained the leader, with 14% of shipments, in a highly fragmented market.

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IoT devices evolve as transformative technologies like AI and 5G converge

Transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G are working in tandem with IoT to unlock technological capabilities in systems and devices never possible before.

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Where are the robots? The wait for mission-critical IoT and massive IoT

If we are to trust the tradeshow floors, we would think that the future is already here: displays of remote operating tables, robots making coffee, and displays of smart cows. In reality, however, these inventions can’t be delivered because current network infrastructure can’t support the data and latency requirements.

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