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July 2019

5G: “One network” capability is remarkable, but many challenges are still present

5G is the first cellular network that’s able to accommodate three distinct types of use cases within a single network architecture. This is remarkable because the use cases not only range from very basic to cutting edge but can involve contradictory technical requirements.

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Network slicing before 5G: The benefits of slicing today

Once 5G is ubiquitous, network slicing will be configured to maximize the benefits of multiple 5G use cases and applications and will play a vital role in the digital transformation movement. In the meantime, however, network slicing can be utilized in today's pre-5G era, says Technology Fellow Michael Howard.

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Network architecture changes are coming for 5G

As 5G changes network architectures to deliver ultra-high capacity, near-constant availability and broad coverage, network density will become vital for 5G deployments. To support the move toward 5G, analyst Richard Webb says mobile transport must integrate macro/small-cell backhaul, fronthaul and midhaul into a unified, flexible network environment.

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Global 4G LTE infrastructure revenue totaled $22.9 billion in 2018

Thanks to a hike in China’s capex, combined with solid sustained infrastructure spending in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and various countries in Asia, global 4G LTE infrastructure revenue was $22.9 billion in 2018, according to Technology Fellow Stéphane Téral.

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