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June 2019

The new unpredictability of bandwidth consumption drives automated networks

A new requirement for applications delivered on demand, coupled with the introduction of multi-tenant server technologies and data center orchestration software, has prompted an unprecedented transformation of data center networks to make them as automated as possible, says Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., executive research director and technology fellow.


Colocation providers to benefit from multi-cloud adoption, driving interconnection revenue growth

The adoption of multi-cloud strategies by enterprise colocation customers is driving additional interconnection service revenue for colocation providers. Principal Analyst Alan Howard says interconnection will remain an important focus because of its low-cost of installation and maintenance which drives its high margin to the bottom line.


Microsoft takes top spot for total cloud services revenue; AWS remains leader for IaaS

Microsoft in 2018 became the market share leader for total off-premises cloud service revenue with 13.8 percent share, bumping Amazon to the #2 spot. Devan Adams, principal analyst for cloud and data center, shares his analysis.

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All-flash arrays expected to reign supreme in 2019

At the rate flash storage array shipments have been rising, 2018 could be the last year hybrid shipments are greater than the all-flash array category. The IHS Markit forecast for 2019 flips the share of those categories, says Dennis Hahn, principal analyst for cloud and data center.

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Cloud and virtualization is the technology deemed most ready for adoption by industry

Artificial Intelligence may be more exciting and 5G more eagerly awaited, but it is cloud and virtualization that both IHS Markit analysts and key business leaders deem readiest for industry adoption out of six of the most powerful transformative technologies today.

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